The department of Standards & Regulations always put quality over quantity

The department for Standards & Regulations is there to vouch every product, system, application, etc. made, tested and/or provided by Promat International NV, with a document stating the performance of this product, system, application, etc.

The presence in over 50 committees ensures a strong, up-to-date knowledge on various standards and regulations related to fire protection. Actively involved in the creation and maintaining of over 50 standards keeps Promat the benchmark for passive fire protection products and solutions. From these collaborations a complete D.o.P portfolio was created to guarantee the performance to you, our customers. With the creation of new products, systems, applications, etc. come the creation of new standards and regulations.

Therefore the department:

  • has a wide expertise in legislation; product-, test-, assessment-, and classification standards; CPR - CE, and other marks; CEN, ISO and other international standards


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  • participates in standardisation committees
  • develops and promotes Promat positions in seminars/conferences e.g. Certification of fire safety engineers
  • has an active presence in branche organisations (CPE, EAPFP, …)


Links to their homepages

  • has a strong link with business through product management e.g. Which certificates do we need? In which committees do we need to be present?
  • coordinates mandatory documentation (DoP, CoCoP, …)

The department of Standards & Regulations is actively involved in

  • CEN TC127 (fire safety)
- Plenary
- Chair WG2 (services, e.g. ducts) - Active in WG1 (resistance to fire) - WG7 (classification) and WG8 (FSE)

  • CEN TC139 WG 13 (intumescent paints)
  • CEN TC 156 / 191 (ducts)
  • CEN TC 88 WG 10, 11, 22 (insulation materials)
  • ISO TC92 (fire safety)
- Plenary
- Active in SC2 (resistance to fire) and SC4 (FSE)

  • EOTA – Technical Board
  • ASTM E-05 (fire safety)
  • NFPA 502 (tunnels and bridges)