Promat provides state-of-the-art fire safety solutions for the oil & gas industry

Fire is a grave threat to people and property. It’s knock-on effect leads to even high downstream economic dislocation. Promat systems optimize comprehensive structural fire protection of complex buildings such as high rise blocks, hospitals and public buildings. Officially tested Promat systems are based on proven modern and innovative system design. Over the last 50 years, Promat not only offers system solutions but even more extensive support during planning and construction. Promat unrivalled expertise in the manufacture and design of proactive fire protection systems continues to be at the front of protecting lives and property against fire. Promat service starts with the first technical consultation by the sales force and leads via computer-aided engineering to the concrete realization of the project.

The oil & gas industry is strategically significant to the global economy. It has always been vulnerable to fire safety issues and nowadays it is exposed to random security threats rarely given serious consideration just a decade ago. The potential for devastating catastrophe is almost unimaginable in terms of social, political, financial and ecological impact.

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